Hello, we’re

A passionate team of business operators with years of experience hiring overseas.


The year we started hiring staff in
South-East Asia.


The estimated cost savings of hiring outsourced equivalents.


The number of employees we've placed at companies around the world.

Our Leadership

Experience from both sides of the world.

Ilya Goldstein


Previously ran 3 businesses with staff in Asia. 11 years of experience hiring in the Philippines.

Alberto Reyes


Head of Philippines Talent
Ran operations for Ilya's companies

Brynn Putnam

Head of Sales

Over 10 years of experience doing enterprise sales for B2B companies.

Kevin Lee

Head of Singapore Talent

Kenley Fushman

Onboarding Lead

Roscoe Clemons

Head of Marketing & Partnerships

Evelyn Schmitt

Finance Manager

Maja Chang

Head of Indonesia Talent

Nichole Burris

Chief Compliance Officer

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